Thursday, December 6, 2012

Observation Point, November/December

We've had some warm days recently, warm enough that I didn't want to stay inside. There's only so much yardwork that needs to be done this time of year, so I spent some of my outside time hiking up to Observation Point in the watershed. I know I've mentioned Observation Point here before; it's a lovely hike, and the quickest way to get there is from my house. A round trip from my front porch and back is probably a bit less than two miles and only takes about an hour to hike, and that's with me stopping at the top to take pictures.

Speaking of which, here are a few pix from the various trips I've taken in the last several weeks.
Above is the trail where it splits. Both trails go up to Observation Point. The right one is a bit less steep and slightly longer. I'm lazy and usually go up the right branch and come back by the other branch.
View from the bench at the top. I have a lot of pix of this view taken at various times of year. The above photo was taken in November.
And this is a view taken from the left of the bench. The river makes a U just below here; the dam is on the right side of the U (just visible in the first pic) and there's old farmland along the left. The above pic was taken in December.
There's a gazebo at the top of the hill, behind the bench. They're repairing it, obviously.

This time of year, the trails around Observation Point are crowded. The rest of the watershed is closed except to hunters, so hikers, bikers, runners, and horseback riders all squeeze into the strip of land between the town of Norris and the gravel road that cuts through the watershed. I prefer the rest of the year when I can usually count on having those trails to myself--although Observation Point is always popular.

I'm really looking forward to spring. Warmth comes creeping back steadily starting about February, here, so by February I should be able to get back out on the trail without being miserable. Until then, I will hike to Observation Point on the days the temp climbs above 60, and spend the rest of my free time in bed when it's colder than that. Have I mentioned I hate cold weather?